We are really happy to welcome in cooperation with Tango-Baustelle two very special teachers and dancers here in Graz: Oscar Mandagaran und Georgina Vargas.

Oscar, born in Misiones, Argentina, was starting his professional career as an Argentine Folk Dancer in 1983. Since 1990 he has been cast member of some of the best shows in Buenos Aires and also played parts in international known movies (Carlo Saura: „Tango“) and shows (f.e. „Forever Tango“ and Luis Bravo: „Malambo“). Concurrent with his journey as a tango dancer, he developed his career as Maestro and Choreographer of Tango, teaching in the city of Buenos Aires and abroad.

Georgina was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She began her studies as a ballet & contemporary dancer.  As a teenager, she was introduced to the Tango. Georgina has been cast member of some of the best shows in Buenos Aires and worldwide.  As a Tango Singer in 2006 she recorded her first CD „Por Aquellos Tangos“ and is currently working on a second one, with compositions of her own inspiration.

Oscar und Georgina have the rare ability to transmit all of their energy and passion for the Tango to their students. They successfully share with great precision all their secrets of the dance with them, including all the aspects of their technique, musicality, embrace and the essence each and every time.

That’s why we decided to invite them for two special topics – Musicality (Rhythmic vs. Romantic Tango) and Magnetic Movements:

„The Magnetic movement it’s a very important lessons for us, it’s the where we explain the fundament of our style, our way to dance, where we focus on the quality of the movement, the density, elasticity of the movements and the connection of the embrace. The magnetic movement gives this particulary sensation to the dance that is not only a sensation, a feeling but it results in a better connection and quality of the motion.“


Registration for the workshops is only possible for couples and only for both days, Saturday and Sunday (not so the technique classes).
*Early Bird is only for payments until April 26th to IBAN: AT372081500025218306 (Dipl. Ing. Vesna Drnovsek Bock). Please register via office@donchev.at! Location: Tango-Baustelle (Brückenkopfgasse 2, 8020 Graz – Entrance: Schiffgasse 6)

General information:

  • maximum 10 couples per workshop
  • maximum 20 persons per technique class (participants of workshops will be privileged)
  • Registrations are considered exclusively in the order of incoming payment (account data will be provided automatically right upon correct registration).
  • Despite obligatory registration via internet attending the classes is only allowed after receipt of payment in time (before beginning of the first class).
  • Early booking rates are valid only for payments being released by the announced deadline (bank posting date).


with Show

on Saturday, May 4th

Start: 20:30

Costs: € 17,-* (€ 13,- für students until the age of 27)

If you transfer the money (AT372081500025218306, Dipl. Ing. Vesna Drnovsek Bock) until April 26th you pay the early bird price: €15,-* (€ 10,-)

*The first drink is included in the entrance fee!

Location: Tanzschule Iliyan Donchev (Friedrichgasse 24, 8010 Graz)